zondag 4 april 2010

28 December 2009 - the morning letter

Pasqualino ISM- the morning letter

A lovely morning and snow is falling,
trying to get up and look outside.

Cars are stopping and keep going,
snow can be lovely and so bright.

Imagine you here to share this moment,
waking you up gently and hold you tight.

Regretting the word’s that I’ve sent you,
it used to keep me up every night.

I really like you just the way you are,
the way you walk, talk and do.

But now my chances seems so far,
it feels impossible to be with you.

It’s not easy to explain this feeling,
but I want you to know it too.

So I share what I’m dealing,
and this is how I think of you;

You’re like a lovely poem that I can’t remember,
You’re like a sweet song that has never been played.

You’re like a beautiful place where I want to go to,
You make me climb mountains without being afraid.

I wish I could tell you this in person,
that should be much and much better.

But I’m only afraid of your reaction,
so I’m writing you this kind of letter…